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Lonely stand the pillars of the deserted temple, ivy growing on the unlocked gate. The sound of song and music has ceased, replaced by the howling of owls in the collapsed choir. All splendor and grandeur are gone, swept away by the long river of time, along with the bishop's ring and seal, ring and staff, all buried in the eternal open grave of the past. Nothing remains constant, all things rush away, the misery and the bliss of love granted; our striving, our hoping, our pondering, all important for only a moment. What we lovingly embrace in spring fades away in autumn, and the greatest masterpiece of creation sinks into the dust of obsolescence.

A.E. Hermann (1810)

Summer vacation and wanderlust in the Thuringian Forest - discover Paulinzella!

Are you looking for a place where you can enjoy nature, experience history, and let your soul unwind? Then Paulinzella is the perfect destination for you! Paulinzella is an idyllic village in the northern foothills of the Thuringian Forest, best known for its impressive monastery ruins. The Paulinzella Monastery was founded around 1102 by Benedictine nuns and was once a significant spiritual and cultural center. Today, it is a romantic excursion destination that will enchant you with its beauty and grandeur.

In Paulinzella, you can not only visit the monastery but also stay in historic buildings. We offer you two accommodation options:

  • the Organ Builder's House Schulze: The Organ Builder's House Schulze was built in 1850 by the same-named organ builder family, who worked in Thuringia in the 18th and 19th centuries. We acquired the listed building in 2016 and restored it professionally according to historical guidelines.
  • The Paulinzella Station: The Paulinzella Station was built in 1895 as part of the expansion of the Saalfeld-Arnstadt line and has had its current appearance since a building application from 1893. We acquired the station in 2022 and converted it into a cozy vacation apartment with a sauna.

In Paulinzella, you can also explore the beautiful landscape of the Thuringian Forest. The Luther Trail and the Pilgrimage Trail of Strong Women pass by the house. You can take, for example, the Nature Park Trail Paulinzella, which takes you through the light-filled pine forests of the Paulinzella Forest, which used to belong to the monastery. Or you can take the circular route through the forest near Paulinzella, which takes you through nature away from towns and traffic.

Summer vacation and "Wanderlust" in the Thuringian Forest - that's Paulinzella! Book your vacation apartment in the Organ Builder's House Schulze or the Paulinzella Station now and experience an unforgettable holiday in a region full of history and beauty.We look forward to your inquiry!

Enjoy your stay in Paulinzella!